Brand development for Switzerland’s no. 1 online wine shop

It was all down to practical considerations. The two wine aficionados, Renzo Schweri and Dominic Blaesi, got fed-up searching the internet for wine as it was just too tedious and time-consuming. Instead of accepting the situation the two young entrepreneurs decided to do something about it. Their vision: a kind of Amazon for wine, where all the world’s different wines could easily be ordered on one website. After a successful start-up phase and after six years of hard work, they wanted to set the course for the future.

gyselroth™ came up with brand propositions to clarify open questions in a series of workshops together with the client. Developing a sharper brand strategy and the positioning as an innovator in a relatively gridlocked market called for an adaption of the brand identity. By means of story-telling a wine magazine provides orientation in the huge product range and underlines the expertise of Flaschenpost. The new packaging design deliberately sets itself apart from the wooden wine boxes commonly used in the business. gyselroth™ developed the UX design of the new online shop, allowing a generous presentation of the products and adjusting the design elements to mobile user behaviour.

Flaschenpost was a winner of the 2016 REBRAND 100® Global Awards for one of the most effective brand transformations and nominated for the Corporate Design Preis 2016.

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«Best Practice for Digital Transformation – including CD. A kind of Manufactum for wine, just bolder.»

Ansgar Seelen
Juror Corporate Design Preis 2016

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«A proper dusting down without moving too far away from the roots and the visual marks. The new corporate design offers a high-value, straightforward solution to present the online retailer’s products, providing space to tell stories about the products.»

Michael Rösch
Juror Corporate Design Preis 2016

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