Brand development for one of the most important artistic minting companies

Huguenin is considered to be one of the world’s most important artistic minting companies. Since 1868 the company has been creating exclusive and unique embossed products with an individual character at the heart of Switzerland’s watch-making region. The medal makers create artistic masterpieces that show appreciation for human achievements and serve as timeless witnesses to important events.

gyselroth™ developed a new brand strategy. The number of competitors who make cheaper products for the masses has grown steadily in recent years. In order to communicate the difference in quality and the passion for the craftsmanship in a convincing way, the company’s brand identity had to be refreshed fundamentally. To reposition the company, a new appearance was created from scratch. The aim was to highlight the long tradition and the history of the manufacture. The artisanal character was expressed in the lettering with a specially designed typeface as well as a new logo. The long tradition and the passion for craftsmanship was visualised in a film that takes the viewer through the custom-made artistic manufacturing process.

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Huguenin was a winner of the 2013 REBRAND 100® Global Awards. Furthermore, for the rebranding gyselroth™ was awarded a «Finalist Certificate» at the World Luxury Award Monaco 2012.
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