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Brand identity for an exclusive real estate project

At one of Switzerland’s most prestigious addresses, high above the city of Zug, an exceptional living concept has been developed. The residential ensemble Bohlgutsch combines all the advantages of a stately home with those of a low-maintenance private apartment. Additional rooms complement each private apartment and can be adapted to individual preferences, offering valuable free space for a personal quality of living. With shared meeting rooms and the elegantly furnished “Guest House” to accommodate resident’s guests, the apartments meet the highest standards. Bohlgutsch is noble luxury, combined with stylish understatement.

gyselroth™ developed the brand Bohlgutsch. Brand development and brand communication focused on the exclusivity, naturalness and uniqueness of the real estate project. The materials of the communication tools underline the high-end architecture. In combination, a book as well as a representative project folder with the floor plans offer an ideal interplay of emotional impressions and practical key data. From the outside, both communication elements appear natural and unpretentious. On the inside, the aesthetic design and premium materials accentuate the quality and elegance of the residential property. A sample box offers a haptic experience in addition to the visual elements. The inside of the leather box shows Bohlgutsch’s material world – from the wood for the entrance door to the stone for the bathroom walls.

We won the Gold Trophy at the international World Luxury Award Monaco 2016 in the category „Real Estate & Property“ for our project „Bohlgutsch“. The international award honors creative excellence in Luxury Communication.

projekte bohlgutsch bohlgutsch buch spread
 projekte bohlgutsch bohlgutsch book guest house
 projekte bohlgutsch bohlgutsch book impression
projekte bohlgutsch bohlgutsch floor plans
«The brand identity transported the quality and uniqueness of the real estate project in a perfect way and triggered a high demand for the apartments even before the start of construction. Six months after the marketing launch, 90% of the apartments have already been sold.»

Beat Hürlimann, Manager Wüst und Wüst Zug

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projekte bohlgutsch bohlgutsch sample box
projekte bohlgutsch guest house underground garage
Clients can choose the materials of the rooms and outside spaces and configure them according to their personal preferences.
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