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With 74.000 employees, Generali is one of the world’s leading insurance companies. In Switzerland alone, Generali has almost 1 million customers and is present in 60 different locations.

gyselroth™ supports Generali Switzerland with the digital transformation and in creating an easy and understandable customer experience. To present the company to customers and partners we have developed a browser-based corporate presentation, replacing the existing PowerPoint presentations.

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«A consistent brand appearance forms the basis for a strong identification of employees with Generali – and is therefore also an important factor for the success of the company as a whole. In addition, our new digital appearance increases the value of brand recognition for all our customers.»

Angela Geering
Head of Communications & Public Affairs Generali Schweiz

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Due to the diverse target audiences, a decentralised and inconsistent collection of PowerPoint presentations emerged over the course of time. gyselroth™ therefore established a central hub, from where the contents of presentations can be managed in four languages and updated simultaneously company-wide. This new solution is browser-based, easy to use and works on different devices. In addition, our solution ensures that presentations run even without internet connection.

Great attention was paid to specific, audience targeted and understandable content. Together with Generali we identified five presentation situations in a series of workshops. The combination of concise and precise texts and film sequences, specifically produced for the corporate presentation, allows Generali Switzerland to present itself to external stakeholders as well as existing, new and potential employees in an emotional and innovative way. gyselroth™ managed the whole project from the production of contents to the technical implementation.

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Employees of Generali Switzerland can now choose the suitable presentation from one digital platform, personalise it and download instructions for the presentations.
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