Business Engineering

As a versatile partner we support you in the process of the digital transformation of your business. We plan, steer and control the individual project stages and take over the risk as well as stakeholder management.

  • Business and Process Analysis

    We analyse and visualise the IT and process landscape of your company and provide a common understanding of the starting point.

  • Business-IT Alignment

    We harmonise strategy, processes and digital systems of your company to achieve an effective and efficient interlock between business and IT.

  • System Integration

    Whether it is CMS, PIM, Shop or ERP, we create the essential interfaces to improve your business efficiency.

  • Requirements Engineering

    We work with UML, BPMN and various testing methods to collect, analyse, structure and formulate all of the stakeholder requirements.

  • Change Management

    We ensure that all changes in the IT architecture and infrastructure are carefully supervised, documented and implemented, with a minimum risk for existing operations.

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