Service Providing

We offer flexible and individual solutions for the running and maintenance of digital systems and assume responsibility for a long-term and reliable safeguarding of your investment.

  • Web Hosting

    For your individual web application we offer tailor-made hosting solutions and take care of DNS hosting, maintenance and backups.

  • Saas Operation

    With Docker we ensure a smooth roll-out of new versions of Software as a Service solutions, e.g. intranet software.

  • Cloud Engineering

    On our high-performance servers based in Switzerland we build and run SaaS solutions with integrated services like mail & groupware, file sharing, identity management and virtual desktops.

  • Cloud Storage

    We offer an in-house developed platform for collaborative data and document management, including data synchronisation on local devices.

  • Authentication (AAI)

    We offer and run a comprehensive authentication infrastructure for an uninterrupted and safe identity management.

  • Big Data

    With Kibana and Tableau we provide custom-made data visualisations with interactive graphics for business intelligence.

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