Service Design

Taking into account today’s abundance of similar products on the market, the service factor increasingly plays a key role regarding the positioning strategy. With custom-made user experiences that are true to the brand we ensure distinctiveness and client satisfaction at all points of contact.

  • Personas & Customer Journeys

    With different methods and tools like personas and customer journeys, we research your customers’ needs and requirements.

  • Ideation

    In our ideation workshops we get the creative process on the move and develop new ideas and innovative concepts and solutions.

  • Prototyping & Testing

    We build prototypes for required services and test them with the target audience. We use the feedback to optimise the processes.

  • Implementation

    With tailor-made trainings we support you with the implementation of the designed processes and entrench a lasting customer orientation in your corporate culture.

  • Business Model Prototyping

    We visualise different business model scenarios for you and illustrate what challenges they present for you brand.

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